Thursday, May 21, 2009

And on to Georgia!

We spent just two years in Lake Charles and were transferred to Robins A.F. Base in Warner Robins, GA. I had been denying but was pregnant with #4. It seems like my 20s were spent being in that condition. Arriving in W-R, we had to take an apartment in a row house for about three months and then moved to a duplex on Whitehead Circle. It was all base housing. The concrete row house was damp and crowded as the rooms were small. The house on Whitehead Circle was pure bliss. We were situated at the top of the circle and had a huge yard for the kids to play in. Joey was just three years old and loved to wander around the yards and turn on every sprinkler, much to the dismay of the neighbors who left their car windows open. We had a family of nine children living in the next house. He was a Secretary for AA and his telephone number was one digit off from mine so can you just imagine how many "drunks" would mis-dial and call me. Needless to say, we got an unlisted number. It was here that Aunt Liz and Uncle Ben came to see us for a couple of days and ended up staying a week. We had such a great time! They were on their way home from a vacation in the Caribbean and stopped in. Guess everyone drove then. Bill was born in September so now we are a family of two & two! I think we finally figured out what was causing all of these pregnancies! LOL! During the second summer, Dad brought home a "retired" 20-man life raft and "blew it up" with the vacuum cleaner. It made a great swimming pool for kids. The big family next store moved away and Hourihan's moved in. Do you remember the baby alligator they had? Their kids were Corky and David. I think after work, their dad was a boy scout leader so was always thinking of fun things to do. The early 60s also brought John F. Kennedy's assassination. I was housecleaning when it came over the television. Horrible!

We stayed in W-R until 1964. And then, went on to Rhein Main, Germany. What do you remember about W-R?

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Short Vacation with Friendly Folks

At Last! We got away for 3 days to my very special B&B in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, Cranberry Manor. There were five of us "girls" --we'll always be girls! Aunt(s) Jeannette & Mary, Maggie, Shirley and me. After borrowing Bill's GPS, we managed to get there without getting lost. Jeannette was my navigator and was a big help. Once we left the turnpike, we drove through quaint villages, up and down hilly roads and saw lots of guys on John Deere tractors....hmm! We arrived at our destination around 3:30PM on Friday and were greeted with the smiling faces of our hosts, Sharon & Ric. (Bill and Patty were there the previous week and were told that "we" liven-up the place when we come...haha)! There are five guest rooms and all were filled for the weekend so we couldn't get in too much trouble. Maggie had brought tiny little water pistols so we hammered Jeannette and Shirley a bit. Barbara, another friend was on our floor as well so made for fun and games. On Friday evening we attended a Murder Mystery dinner and enjoyed that. Maggie, Barbara and Jeannette all had parts so made it more fun.

Saturday morning, Sharon prepared sliced bananas with carmel sauce, banana & nut muffins and mandarin orange upside-down pancake with sausage. Yum! But too much for me along with lots of coffee, cranberry (their own) and orange juice.
Saturday, we went into Stroudsburg for our annual spa treatment....facials and massages - sure felt g r e a t!!! Saturday night, ate local and Sunday morning, Sharon made grilled pears with cinnamon, a coffee cake with oranges, cranberries, etc and an omelet with grilled slices of tomatoes sprinkled with cheese. I swear once you eat breakfast there, you're not hungry until dinner time. Ric had to show us his Cruzin Cooler which is basically a cooler on wheels with handlebars and a small motor. Aunt Mary had to try it out, of course! We finally headed out for home stopping at various flea markets and antique stores. All in all, a successful weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And then, we moved......

After two years, Dad got orders for Robins A.F. Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. We moved in June and Bill was born in September. This was Our 1st house was a row-house where we stayed for three months until we got into base housing. Lived in a nice brick duplex on Whitehead Circle. We were located at the top of the circle. Bill was born in September