Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I can't remember how he came into our lives. He probably was a stray and just hung around or maybe Dad brought him home. He was a black rather long-haired mongrel part friendly and part smart. He knew he found a family finally. Kathi officially adopted him as hers. Louie was named for Louisiana and shortened because of his sex. He knew how to drag the trash out of the can and hurl it all over the kitchen. Not very smart, I guess. He was also known to get car sick and proved it by barfing all over Dad's neck when traveling to N.J. for vacation. He hated to be wrong and slunk around until he was forgiven. We "snuck" him into motels with "no dogs allowed" signs and fed him out of can lids. Louie taught us to love everybody and just a pat on the head would make him happy. He was loval and loved us. Getting orders for Germany, he spent his remaining years with Aunt Liz in N.J.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bronchitis - My Annual Affinity

I thought I had escaped it this year as I got past February and March without a whiff! But not to be! The onset was Monday last and I'm still working with/on it. Except for the incessant coughing, I'm in good shape. And this is why I haven't been blogging! This too will pass!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lake Charles, Louisiana

In late summer of 1958, we drove down to Lake Charles, La. Chennault AFB was a SAC base. The ride had to be somewhat hectic with 2 little girls and an infant. In route, we stopped in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the night. We usually tried to stop at places that had a restaurant close by. Kath, this is the place that you made the big hit with the owners. He was the coach for the Crimson Tide - Bear Bryant. For the uninformed, we checked in the motel and went to eat late in the evening. There were only a few people there. When our dinners were served, the chef had put parsley on our plates for decoration and Kathi in her 3 year old voice said, "Someone put grass on my plate, me don't like grass!" There was a pregnant silence then customers started to giggle. When we were leaving, the owner came out and asked what little girl didn't like grass? We were somewhat embarrassed but he made things easy for us, walking back to our room with you on his shoulders.

Lake Charles was so different from New Jersey. We weren't used to the bugs, roaches, snakes, water bugs, etc. and the heat! When we first arrived, the base provided a temporary rental. Dad went to the Red Cross to borrow money until our finances got straightened out in two weeks time. Unfortunately, the R.C. started hassling us for the $100 even though they were agreeable for the time limit. Since that experience, we always looked the R.C. with a jaundiced eye. Within our agreed time, we repaid the loan and and rented a 2-bedroom house about a mile from the base.

Our first friends were Joan & Bob Stone and Larry & Mary Homan who lived next door. Mary and I would plan a lot of things together as she had 3 little girls who were pretty much the same age as you. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The telephone number assigned to me must have belonged to a fish market before as one day I received a call from a restaurant ordering a list of seafood/fish and I started to interrupt like "wrong number" and he said something to the effect that I could talk when he finished......I did...he hung up! As Dad was still in food service, Mary and I got to know all of the butchers and guys in the commissary so they would point out the better cuts of meat and lower the price somewhat at check out which was great on our limited income. Dad was a Staff Sargent and Larry was an Airman 1st Class. Another time, we were on our way to the base in Mary's Volkswagen when the gas pedal got stuck and we whizzed through the base gate with the Air Police just looking at us. Funny the things you remember.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Comedy Hour(s)

A good friend had won tickets for a show and invited me. She asked if I had a rain coat or poncho and if so to bring it. Did you ever hear of Gallagher? He's been around since the 70s but I never heard of him. I was mystified re the rain gear and noticed that the theater ushers were giving out ponchos to the people who were seated in the first 10 rows. As we were further up, we didn't need them. Gallagher started out by running up and down the aisles throwing Easter candy to the audience. He reminded me of a guy who was stuck in the 60s with longish gray hair and bald on top. He talked about getting old, politicians, the way kids dress, and all the things that is happening today. It was so funny the way he explained it. I usually am amused but found myself laughing uncontrollably. On the stage, he had all kinds of food like slices of watermelon, pumpkin, cabbage, cottage cheese etc. and while talking to us, he would make all kinds of pies in those aluminum pans and place them on the stage. He kept up his repertoire for 21/2 hours without a break. The last half hour, he had about 6 kids come up on the stage. Putting the pies on a table, he gave them a sledgehammer, directions for the best effect and they smashed the pies! Most slop, pieces went into the audience so the rain gear. It was gross and hilarious at the same time. Regardless, I enjoyed myself but was glad that I wasn't sitting in a lower seat. Interesting to see that some people were dressed up in costumes. Reminded me of Jimmy Buffett's Parrot Heads.

By the way, Netflix has him on a DVD so I sent for one.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Counting the Days...

For warm and sunny days
Until June when my kiddies come in for the Jersey shore
For the time I will be slim and trim
Until my next 39th birthday

And, I am counting the books I have read this year. The count is up to 23!

Nothing is impossible. All is doable, right?

What are you "counting" for?