Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Surprise at Lunch

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend that I’ve known for years. We always talked about a lunch date and never got around to it. We finally made a date. She & I served on the same committees in town. I was once Secretary to the Whitman- Stafford committee and she was in it too. Years ago, we both served as Girl Scout leaders. Anyway, we had planned to go to a restaurant called Mirko’s Taste of Europe. I had been there before and was impressed by the food and the service. Unfortunately, it was closed so we ended up at Olive Garden. Three men in their late 40s came in, looked around the room like they were looking for someone, looked right at us then sat at the next table. To my surprise, it was Joe Flacco, quarter-back for the Baltimore Ravens (incognito). He is from Audubon, N.J. and the town had a parade for him. I respected his privacy by not speaking to him but it was still a thrill to see him. And, he did eat healthy with salmon and lots of veggies. :)