Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Watta Year!

Starting off the year with a trip to Virgin Gorda and then out to Jackson for a high school graduation kept me stepping along with eternal packing and unpacking. Then bamm! The great-grandsons started coming with Asher and Beck. The "Greats" are going to outnumber the "Grands", I think. Eleven versus sixteen...........hmmm? Then, we're sure to have another next year with Alana but that's for then.

I've come to the conclusion that I really put food in the feeders for the squirrels and like Susan said "they have to eat too!"

This year, I've enjoyed being with my local grandchildren to various sporting events or just hanging out.

I've learned that I don't have the stamina that I used to have i.e. I can't jump rope anymore or stand on my head! I know that the best times really don't cost money; that family is so important and I learned to play Bunco!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Five Things

Five things that make me happy!

1. Talking with family
2. Being warm in the winter time
3. Having great friendships
4. Getting a surprise phone call
5. Having a good book to read.

Two things that upset me:

1. The squirrels on my feeder
2. An unpleasant conversation

Three challenges:

1. Thinking positive
2. Creating a device to keep the squirrels off the feeder.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yukking it Up and Other Things

Maggie invited me over today. We wanted to compare/translate postcards that we received through Postcrossing. Mag had ordered more postcards from the Zazzle website and they were pretty good quality. Of course, they were about a buck a piece, so pricey. We ordered some pizza and salad for an early dinner and watched "Bobby" that we really didn't care for so selected a light one called "Love Happens" which proved to be a winner. I do like Jennifer Anniston as her movies are usually funny & happy.

A couple weeks ago, we met "the girls" who are still working and we listened to their gripes, etc. so were glad we retired! We did see a celeb football player at the next table and he was very gracious to those who wanted pictures and autographs. The restaurant is called Maggiano's. It has an interesting concept. Whatever you order, you pick something else in the same price range and the Chef prepares it for you to take home. Nice, huh? My meal was Baked Ziti with sausage and I brought home Eggplant Parmesan that was enough for two more meals.

It's after 1 am and I wondered why I'm not sleeping. Ah, I had two glasses of green tea at Maggie's! That'll do it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Wandering Around...

Louise, a cousin plus Aunt J. and I took a road trip today. I wanted to see if I remembered how to drive to our cousin's house in Port Republic. Louise had her trusty GPS but we hardly bothered with it. Leaving the White Horse Pike in Hammonton, we took Moss Mill Road. (I often thought of a mill being there at one time). Anyway, the road wanders all through the Pine Barrens. It was a beautiful day for a ride and we enjoyed being together and watching the countryside fly by. On arriving at Port Republic, we soon found out that Mike was not at home. Of course, we never told him we were coming either. So we opted to continue driving to Swainton which is on the way to Cape May. We wanted to eat a late lunch at Chef Ted's Offshore Cafe. I had been there before with Barbara and we had yummy hot pork-pulled sandwiches with provolone cheese, peppers and onions and my mouth watered for it again. Alas! Not on the menu today! So next time, we will call first! Jeannette and I ended with a vegetable quiche and salad. Louise had a turkey panini which looked mighty good. With our tummys full, we hit the parkway, then the expressway for home.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Sharing of of the Subconscious Mind

Six years ago, we were looking for continuing education credits and found a seminar in Atlantic City that seemed a good fit. It was called "Dreams: Explore the Power of the Dreaming Mind." The whole idea was to learn how to process your dreams through recordings, symbols, etc. It was an all-day workshop and presented by a Ph.D. from Cross Country University based in Nashville, TN. I had attended another on Social Work Ethics and was suitably impressed by the presentation.

Anyway, three of us decided to start hosting "Dream" meetings again. The idea is to write down your dreams as you remember them. We then share, discuss and many times resolve issues or even see things in a different way. It's proved very interesting and helpful esp. if the dream is troublesome.

Of course, we always have food! I hosted it last Sunday and Barbara will have it again later in the month.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Hot, Hot, Hot!

I haven't blogged lately. It's too hot to do much except stay in and read so that's what I've been doing.

One morning though before it got terribly humid, I took myself back to Ace Hardware and bought a "cheap" bird feeder...the kind that hangs by a hook. Of course, I didn't have anything to hang it on so put it on the clothesline with picture-wire through the chain connecting it to the line. Now my arch enemy was sure he could manage another feeder but he had a helluva time. First, the line moved and because the feeder is made mostly of plastic, it also swayed in the breeze. So he's up there doing calisthenics on the high wire. Wish I could have video-taped him and posted it here. I do have all sorts of birds. Did identify a Downy woodpecker, black-capped chickadee and the usual array of sparrows. Still haven't identified my red bird with the black helmet and had a green one today. Think he is in the warbler family. I need grandpop big time!

The kids were here last night and Abby stayed over. Today, she met up with one of her friends from Laurel Springs from her old school.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do You Remember the Words?

"There's a hole in my bucket, Dear Eliza, Dear Eliza
There's a hole in my bucket, Dear Eliza, A HOLE..


Monday, June 28, 2010

Songs I Remember from PI...

I was talking to Donna Fletcher and we were discussing our time from Pizza Inn in Abilene. Remember the juke box man who never could understand why the money in the machine would never match the songs played. So much for you gals who worked at night and "fixed" the juke box.

The songs we will always remember are Creedance Clearwater's Proud Mary, Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline & Cherry Cherry. So everytime we hear them, we think of PI!

Friday, June 25, 2010


We had another bad storm last night - the usual things happening to me i.e. more branches fell and swooped to the roof, in front of my car, etc. The 75 an hour winds never did knock down the bird feeder so I'm sure the squirrels are happy! And then, of course we lost our electricity. We take so much for granted. You go in a room, hit the switch and nothing happens. Flashlights? Where did I put them? The freezer starts getting warmer and the food melts or just about. Useless! Unless you want to make a meal of corn, peas and Popsicles. Ugh! As I had a substantial lunch, I oped for cereal and warm milk. And cookies!

As frustrating as this is, a tragedy happened! As far as I know, a guy with his ear phones on, was crossing the railroad tracks and didn't hear/see the train. This happened in the rain right down at the end of the street. With helicopters overhead, and fire/police about, it was a most nerve-wracking evening. We only know that the person was unconscious, the train did stop and remained in town for over 3 hours. The guy was air-evacuated to the hospital and it was felt that he would survive.

On a lighter note, we soon congregated on porches and spent time with each other.

Today, I had to take the car to the garage for a check up. I had a devil of a time getting there with roads closed for fallen trees and branches and traffic all trying to move 3 spaces and sit for 10 minutes before moving again. I came home to a warm house so immediately opened all of the windoews and doors. I called Jim D. and he came over this morning and removed all of the debrie. Unfortunately, I have some damage to my garage once more. So it goes. Pat Mather had me over for lunch so enjoyed a nice cold glass (she still had ice) of ice tea and a sandwich.

And, at 5 this evening, the power came back on!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why the Squirrel is so Frustrated..

Or my continuing saga with the squirrels and the bird feeder........

Jim came over yesterday and we moved the feeder away from the trees. So the squirrels just climbed the pole and there they are on top feeding their fat faces again. So I greased the pole with Crisco and they can only go so far then slide right down again. I watched him go up six times only to come down. I put Pam on the bottom of it and so far, so good! The birds are happy and so am I! I'm sure this is only a temporary measure and he'll find another way up. I did put some seed at the base to lure him to look for it there. HoHum!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Movie Theatres of South Jersey

Maggie, Jeannette & I took our own sentimental journey tonight. The Collings-Knight House Committee in Collingswood held a lecture featuring Alan Hauss who wrote & discussed his book on the the movie houses of an earlier time. He had a lot of slides depicting the theatres back in the 30s and of course, their demise. Even had one from Laurel Springs so I was impressed.

Before the lecture, we took a tour of the house (1900s), then a light dinner (which we didn't expect) and the lecture. Mag & I both bought his book. After I read it, I will probably send it down to Uncle Bill as I'm sure he'll enjoy it as much as I will.

Some of the theatres are now churches, some are operating as Little Theatre/Plays and others are store fronts. All have some semblance of the earlier building.

Tomorrow, Barbara and I are going to the Socrates Cafe for another discussion.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Those Miserable Squirrels!

I used to laugh at my sister who is always trapping squirrels in her yard. She releases them in the woods about three miles away. Now, I counted six this morning who were jumping into my bird feeder and stuffing their faces. I put up a make-shift shield where they jump from the tree; they knocked it down. I clipped clothes pins around the perimeter and they still get through. I even greased the pole so they've found another way. Finally, I've gathered stones to throw at them. I just have to learn to throw accurately. When they see me open the door, they scatter and shout obscenities at me in squirrel talk. Oh my! Any suggestions?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bathrooms & Birds

Everyone has some kind of routine in the morning. I write things down and sometimes, get to cross off completed tasks. My list is as follows: Replace light bulb on deck, clean bathrooms, check in at Victoria's Secret. But first, had to have my coffee & cheerios while reading the paper. My table faces the yard and of course, spent some time watching & identifying the birds in the feeder. Today, along with the usual Robin, Cardinal and House Finch, saw a Scarlet Tanager. I had to get out my book to make sure. It was so pretty with this brilliant red body with black wings. I was thrilled. My neighbor gets the Goldfinch but I haven't seen it yet. Yesterday, I went out and bought some binoculars so now am a certified birder. Anyway, I didn't start cleaning the bathrooms until eleven or so.

Why do I have to check VS? No, no, I am not looking for something sexy! They have a spray cologne/perfume in a tube a little larger than lipstick that you can put in your purse so was thinking of a gift. I never did get there. Will put it on my list for tomorrow - when it comes!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sugar Gliders & Softball

Monday night, went over to Bill's for dinner and then, we all took off for Abby's Softball game. She played short-stop and does a good job. She was pitching last year but gave it up for the infield position. All of the kids play and I try to attend as many games as I can. Even Billy plays T-ball and your brother is one of the coaches on Abby's team. It's a kid-friendly game with all of the kids getting to play. Then, there's the parents who all seem nice as well.

One of the Dads had a fur-lined purse carrying 2 sugar-gliders; tiny little furry creatures with pouches said to be from the Kangaroo family. They have medium length tails, webbie bodies and striped heads/faces. He said his wife brought them back from Florida. Did you ever hear of them, Kathi? They probably have another name but that's what he told me. So even at softball games, you learn something new.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How the Cow Refused to be Ridden and Other Stories

We moved to Trenton Avenue in the 30s when I was in 3rd grade and it was kid's heaven. There were 4-5 houses on both sides of the street. Lining the street, tall maple trees wove their branches across the top forming a canopy and to a little kid, seemed like we had our own forest. There were about 19 kids all together.

Bergers lived next door and they had a semi-farm with horses named Diamond and Rumple, chickens and a cow called Daisey. There was always a litter of kittens or puppies. Daisey and the horses grazed in a field behind the houses. Charlie Berger and Billy Kuhlwind built a tree house out in this field. In the summertime, we tried to coax Daisey to give us a ride and she always ran away. However, we did get to ride the horses once in a while when given permission. As Daisey was a milk cow, Mr. B. would milk her in the garage/barn in the evenings and it was fascinating to watch. Of course, he would squirt us until Mrs. Berger hollered at him. Bergers were a big family of 6-8 kids. Catherine was in the middle of her family and around 16 when we moved in so took to organizing games after school and in summer. We would meet at her house, eat cookies that Mrs. B. provided and make plans. I can't remember any bullying or fighting. It was a wonderful childhood and I still remember the games.

At the end of the street, the water company had a large storage tower. It stood on a hill and in the wintertime, we would sled there. As we got older, we would walk to Laurel Lake that was a mile away. I can remember coming home freezing to death and warming my feet on the radiators in the kitchen.

One spring, it rained for 3 days and we had 2 ft of water in the cellar. Dad would put Jeannette in a bucket and give her a ride around the room. Jake Mick who lived in the next block came down the street paddling his canoe.

On Mischief Night (which was the night before Halloween), we would throw corn (from Stafford's farm) on the neighbor's porches and grease the door knobs. That was the extent of our mischief. The teenagers in town would collect anything that wasn't tied down and put it in front of the door of the Laurel Springs Bank. In the morning, you would find your rocking chairs, etc. there and all kinds of trash. My uncle told me that once they put a cow in the movie theater.

Jeannette and I were reminescing the other day of our times on Trenton Avenue so thought it should be written down.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feast or Famine

That's what retirement life is all about! This week, I'm feasting! Everyday, there's something to do. Monday, I met Patty and we took Aunt Gin's car to the shop. Tuesday, took Aunt Mary to the dentist. Her granddaughter works as a dental hygienist in an office over in Medford so she goes over there rather than closer to home. And, ate lunch at the Olive Garden. On leaving, we bought some of their chicken soup to take over to Aunt Gin who recently had hip replacement surgery. A week after coming home, she fell off her bed and the replacement became dislodged so she has to go back for more surgery. Wednesday, Aunt J. and I went to our Socrates Cafe meeting. We discussed Socialism and all aspects of it - of course, we got off on other tangents but is always interesting - then, of course, lunch on the way home. Today is our Red Hat Day/lunch and Maggie and I are hosting at the Village Cheese Shop in Haddon Heights. We bought "coasters" at the Dollar Store for gifts for all the Hatters. Tomorrow, Marilyn Lynch and I are visiting a friend who is now in an assisted living facility and as you may have guessed, we are taking her to lunch. This is why you see so many fat old ladies! On Saturday, along with Patty and the kids, we are going to the Annual Ham Supper, a fundraiser for the fire department. And Sunday, like God, I'll rest!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't You Wish You Had a Hoagie?

Funny, I was just reading Sarah's blog and saw the darling pictures of the girls with their cute expressions. So cute. Then, switched to my blog. The funny thing is that Sarah & Miles' song is still playing. Guess I didn't sign out of theirs properly. Anyway, it's nice to type to.

Had a 6 inch hoagie for lunch today with chips, soda and Cherry Garcia ice cream. Love Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia! Had made a list of things to do today and just about completed the list so felt I deserved a treat.

We had our H.O.P.E. 30Th Anniversary luncheon on Saturday and I had the best time re-connecting with old friends. Cheryl who was our committee Chair, scanned all of the old pictures (Bob Schneider, Dolores Hodges, ET AL) and made them into a DVD to flash on the screen and of course, made an extra for me. So neat! I cried seeing all of my old friends...happy & sad tears.

I understand my brother-in-law, Bob Hause died last week. I'm sure you received Rob's
email. I hope things go well for Rob. Bob & Addie had put a couple friends in place for this. I'll try to contact her old friend, Margaret.

Guess I'll finish my list. So take care. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my hoagie and thought of you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's What Happens When You Don't Have a GPS!

Sunny and I decided to go to the James Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA. The museum was displaying the works of Edward Weston who photographed scenes/people in the early part of the 20th century and we thought that would be informative as well as enjoyable. With directions from the museum, we found our way there with only a couple wrong turns. I remember Bob Schneider had a brother living in Doylestown but that was a long time ago. We meandered through the museum looking at Weston's life, loves, marriages, etc. There was a little cafe/gift shop so we picked up a light bite. Leaving around 2 P.M., we figured we would follow the directions backward. HA! Sunny did not have a road map for that area. Well, needless to say, we got lost. Stopping at a gas station for directions, we got rear-ended but just jolted and no damage. That should have been an indication of the rest of the day. However, we did manage to find ourselves on the outskirts of Philadelphia and Sunny knew her way from there - well almost! It seemed to take us forever to get home but we finally did. So we consider it our adventure and as someone we know would say that it was a fun day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Again!

Can you believe it? We have 2 new snow storms coming in and it's the end of February! We still have some on the ground from the last one. Will I never see the bare streets again? Maybe it's going to snow all year...ugh! I think I should be a "snow bird" and move to Florida with the rest of the blue-haired ladies. This time though, my shovel is on the porch. Last time, it was in the garage - big help there.

Anyway, just downloaded another book for my Reader. I hate to be stuck inside with nothing to read. And, I have some comfort food; popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, cookies and wine. So guess I'll survive!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paradise Continued...

Tuesday was a "stay at home" day to loaf around,get some sun,visit with the family, take pictures,and make new friends. Donna had prepared activities for the rest of the week so that evening, we signed up for whatever we were interested in. In the evening, we had "Italian Night" on the beach and all 3 villas ate together. It is very easy to get used to this kind of life....hmmm?

Wednesday, Barb & I joined most of the group for an all day sailing/catamaran trip. Our Captain was Pernell and local; the Mate was Nicki and from South Africa, Susan. Said she came here with another catamaran (where they build them) and stayed. A lot of the group went snorkeling in a small cove then we sailed to a barge/restaurant called Willi T's and had lunch. We told our brother that he could do the same thing only we would name it Willi P's! BTW, Willi T. was named after William Thornton who designed the Capitol in D.C. in the 19Th C. On the way back, Nicki made us some "Painkillers" that are made up of orange, pineapple and coconut juice along with a tot of rum. Pretty good! I'll have to send Joe the recipe for his new lounge.

Thursday, a deep-sea fishing trip was planned so Barb and I had hot-stone massages instead. I never had one quite like it. She even put hot stones on my forehead and between my toes. It felt so good.

Donna caught a 64 lb. Wahoo! Mike had to help her haul it in. And, they enjoyed it for dinner. By the way, Mike put you both on his friend's list so you can open his pictures.

Friday, we went out on a yacht for the afternoon. He took us past Necker Island (Richard Bronson's) where we visited 9 years ago. We also saw a lot of other places/islands that we only read about. I never was in and out so many boats in all my life.

Saturday, found us back on the Mystique with our favorite captain & mate. This time, we headed for Jon Von Werk Island to eat lunch at the Soggy Dollar. Pernell could only bring the cat in so far so we had to take the dinghy. I about croaked when I saw it as I am not the most graceful person around. All in all, I made it but got my butt wet as we were a little crowded.

And, Sunday we bummed around. My camera's battery died on the 3rd day so I didn't get many pictures. However, Bill and Mike did. I will post the ones I got as soon as I upload them.

As usual, I came home with a cold/bronchitis. It started on Saturday and I'm still coughing. So it goes. I came home to all of this snow and more predicted. Enjoy your warm sunny days! I envy you!

Bill and I were talking about this trip and the one at Necker. Virgin Gorda was more "people friendly" but we had great service at Necker. But who can afford $50,000 a day? I'll take VG!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Short Vacation in Paradise

We left home at 4:30 A.M. for Philadelphia Airport (17 degrees outside) dressed in our summer clothes with a couple of sweaters/hoodies...mighty, mighty cold! Leaving at 7:45 and flying USAire to San Juan took 3 1/2 hours. We were met by a pilot from Air America Charters who took our luggage and herded us to another gate for our flight to Tortolla. Here we met Bill, Donna, Jeanneanne, Brian and baby, Davis. The rest of the family came in later. The flight to Tortolla (BVI) took about 30 minutes in a little prop plane which held just 8 people. In Tortolla (Beef Island Airport), we went through Customs (didn't even have to take off our shoes) then took a water taxi to Virgin Gorda (translated Fat Lady), our destination. At the harbor, we were met with an truck with open rows of seats in the back and to our villa on Mango Bay, Aquamarne. It's about 12 miles from Spanish Town and is back in the hills - very beautiful. I was freaked out because the cars drive on the left side of the road but soon got used to it. There was a sign posted on a tree "Left is Right and Right is Suicide!

There were 3 villas inter-connected by flagstone paths. Each villa had 3 master suites, 1 double and a studio. Barb and I had the double which was on the 2nd floor. We had an indoor shower (more on that later) and 2 balconies, one with a hammock. Bill & Donna, Jeannette and Tom and our cousins, Mike and Sandy had the master suites...all had "outdoor" showers but were covered with lattice and foliage. I would stand on the balcony and talk to them when they were showering and I really couldn't see anything but a shadow. Soon stopped though...was only good for a short period. Haha!

Downstairs, the villa had "open" walls along with a patio, pool and faced the Caribbean that was only 1 flight down. There were kayaks for our use as well as beach chairs and lots of towels. The kitchen was well stocked with food and drink so each day, Mike or Donna made breakfast or we scrambled on our own. A Chef prepared our dinner. This was true for all the villas. Housekeeping took care of our rooms and laundry was picked up twice a week. Talk about being pampered.

The rest of the group from N.C. didn't get in until 7 P.M. It seems they had to drive to Charlotte because of a snowstorm.

I'll continue this tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memories of Ventnor Heights

This is a story that was sent to me (in the 90s) when I just started putting together my auto bio. It comes from Patricia Turner, youngest daughter of Aunt Eleanor. I think you'll like it!

If Christmas Trees Could Think

One Christmas Eve, I worked until 9 P.M. at Woolworth's completing my two week stint after school to earn Christmas money. I was the last one out of the store and on Atlantic Avenue, there wasn't a trolley car in sight. As I waited, a taxicab stopped in front of me, and the driver turned out to be none other than Roland Suarez, the area's only, to my knowledge, operatic tenor and a family friend. Except for local radio and TV, fame had eluded him, so he drove a taxi to tide himself over the lean periods. He offered me a ride home, and although I protested that he had money to earn, I did get in.

Upon arriving at "Turner's Ranch", as our small corner property was affectionately known in the neighborhood, we found Daddy in the yard constructing a Christmas tree stand. Pleased to see Roland, he called out, "Raoul, (his given name), I need inspiration! Come and sing, TREES." "I know the melody, Mr. Turner, but I don't know the words," said Roland. "Don't worry," Daddy said, "You sing. I'll give you each line as you sing."

And so it went, "I think that I shall never see",- bang bang bang - "A poem lovely as a tree" - bang bang - "A tree that looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray" ...on to the end of the song and the completion of the tree stand.

As an on looker, I remember the powerful tenor voice ringing through the cold night. The seashore air was so cold, clean and clear. I half expected it to break and fall to earth in millions of tiny crystals.

If Christmas trees could think, I'm sure that one would have been very proud, indeed, to end up at Turner's Ranch, serenaded by a magnificent voice, while being fitted for Christmas shoes by a very special cobbler. As I recall, the tree that year seemed to be especially luminescent.


Do you remember the colored dinner plates you received from the McMahons in Chicago? What was the occasion? I still have two and think they belong to Joe and Bill. Abby and Becca used them last night. These are yellow and red. I told Patty that we've had them "forever!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

And now I'm Old?

Lordy, I never thought I would feel so young....haha! My special day started off with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. I had a turkey breast in the frig and had Patty and the kids over for dinner. Abby baked me a cake so we had our own little party.

I have wonderful kids, even if one of them claims that I am really 100. I did remind him that if it was true, he would be 70 so he took it back. Two beautiful bouquets grace my tables, cards, telephone calls singing "Happy Birthday" and congratulations galore on Facebook! How lucky can I get?

Friday, January 15, 2010

It Seems Like Forever...

It seems like forever since I've written. We have been so worried about Emery Jane but now, maybe there's some sunshine ahead.

My brother's treat to Virgin Gorda (BVI) is in two weeks and I dread packing and all to get there. It becomes harder and harder. I'm only looking at a 3-4 hour flight to San Juan then a smaller plane to Virgin Gorda. I'm traveling with friend Barb, Jeannette & Tom and our cousins, Mike & Sandy Turner. We're meeting the rest of the group in San Juan. But we're surely have sunny weather and I'm packing for same. My luck will be a blizzard and my warmest thing will be a sweatshirt. LOL! Speaking of...I remember one summer driving through Montana (July) and I about froze my butt off. They were predicting snow for the next day so you better believe, I didn't linger. I am not a cold weather person!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense or Musings on a Monday

The pictures above are the Rice kids. I couldn't figure how to insert so be it. I have been having alarm probs and going back and forth with the tech. He is trying to save me money by providing telephone advice to troubleshoot my system. Well, first I didn't know what he was talking about. They call them techs because they speak tech and I speak normal. :) So, in my creative mind, I took a picture of the gizmo and emailed it to them. And now I wait. Second on my list is my malfunctioning garage door. Maybe it's feeling cold and won't open. I called the handyman so waiting for him too. Meanwhile, I think I'll go to the gym and work off my frustrations!!



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