Monday, June 28, 2010

Songs I Remember from PI...

I was talking to Donna Fletcher and we were discussing our time from Pizza Inn in Abilene. Remember the juke box man who never could understand why the money in the machine would never match the songs played. So much for you gals who worked at night and "fixed" the juke box.

The songs we will always remember are Creedance Clearwater's Proud Mary, Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline & Cherry Cherry. So everytime we hear them, we think of PI!

Friday, June 25, 2010


We had another bad storm last night - the usual things happening to me i.e. more branches fell and swooped to the roof, in front of my car, etc. The 75 an hour winds never did knock down the bird feeder so I'm sure the squirrels are happy! And then, of course we lost our electricity. We take so much for granted. You go in a room, hit the switch and nothing happens. Flashlights? Where did I put them? The freezer starts getting warmer and the food melts or just about. Useless! Unless you want to make a meal of corn, peas and Popsicles. Ugh! As I had a substantial lunch, I oped for cereal and warm milk. And cookies!

As frustrating as this is, a tragedy happened! As far as I know, a guy with his ear phones on, was crossing the railroad tracks and didn't hear/see the train. This happened in the rain right down at the end of the street. With helicopters overhead, and fire/police about, it was a most nerve-wracking evening. We only know that the person was unconscious, the train did stop and remained in town for over 3 hours. The guy was air-evacuated to the hospital and it was felt that he would survive.

On a lighter note, we soon congregated on porches and spent time with each other.

Today, I had to take the car to the garage for a check up. I had a devil of a time getting there with roads closed for fallen trees and branches and traffic all trying to move 3 spaces and sit for 10 minutes before moving again. I came home to a warm house so immediately opened all of the windoews and doors. I called Jim D. and he came over this morning and removed all of the debrie. Unfortunately, I have some damage to my garage once more. So it goes. Pat Mather had me over for lunch so enjoyed a nice cold glass (she still had ice) of ice tea and a sandwich.

And, at 5 this evening, the power came back on!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why the Squirrel is so Frustrated..

Or my continuing saga with the squirrels and the bird feeder........

Jim came over yesterday and we moved the feeder away from the trees. So the squirrels just climbed the pole and there they are on top feeding their fat faces again. So I greased the pole with Crisco and they can only go so far then slide right down again. I watched him go up six times only to come down. I put Pam on the bottom of it and so far, so good! The birds are happy and so am I! I'm sure this is only a temporary measure and he'll find another way up. I did put some seed at the base to lure him to look for it there. HoHum!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Movie Theatres of South Jersey

Maggie, Jeannette & I took our own sentimental journey tonight. The Collings-Knight House Committee in Collingswood held a lecture featuring Alan Hauss who wrote & discussed his book on the the movie houses of an earlier time. He had a lot of slides depicting the theatres back in the 30s and of course, their demise. Even had one from Laurel Springs so I was impressed.

Before the lecture, we took a tour of the house (1900s), then a light dinner (which we didn't expect) and the lecture. Mag & I both bought his book. After I read it, I will probably send it down to Uncle Bill as I'm sure he'll enjoy it as much as I will.

Some of the theatres are now churches, some are operating as Little Theatre/Plays and others are store fronts. All have some semblance of the earlier building.

Tomorrow, Barbara and I are going to the Socrates Cafe for another discussion.