Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cricks, Cracks and Ouch!

It's hell getting old. Everything hurts esp. in the morning when you get up gingerly because if you don't, something will crack and sometimes, POP! Then you go over and over and decide just what you won't do next time. We have a saying, "if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work!" So look for the golden years ahead.

I read in the newspaper this morning that a gentleman of 104 years who still works part time then sails on the river in his down time. I guess that's the secret of living long and feeling good. He still drives to his job in Philly. The Division of Motor Vehicles renewed his license as he passed all the tests for renewal which is awesome, I guess.

So the sun is out and I'll take my butt out for some walking or something. Maybe, I'll live 'till 104!

Friday, October 16, 2009

High School Reunion

We had our 60th reunion today and I certainly had an awesome time. Believe it or not, we had 66 classmates attending after all this time. With spouses and others, the count came to 96 so I think that's pretty good for the class of 1949! One of the things I noticed was that the GIRLS looked better than the GUYS! LOL!

This time, we steered away from the speeches and spent quality time with long lost friends exchanging stories and catching up on our lives. I think the only announcement came from the Wait Staff telling us to take our seat. :) Many people brought old pictures, yearbooks, etc. All in all, a successful day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Edna was telling me about her 7 year old grandson, Ian. His parents, Randy and Laurie were asking him if he knew what wonderful thing would come next April? Ian thought a minute then said, "April Fool's Day and Easter!" "No," said Randy. "It's something that has 2 eyes and 2 ears." "A hamster" guessed Ian excitedly. I cracked up here. So they told him and he called Edna and George that he was going to have a little brother. Then he added to Edna "I hope Mommie feels better soon. She's not been feeling good for 2 months." Edna reassured him that it would pass. Later on, they attended his ball game and his grandparents were talking to another woman who thought she had a virus and wasn't feeling good. Ian piped up "If you keep on feeling sick, it's because you're having a baby. That just happened to my Mom!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jackson and Beyond!

I couldn't believe the temperatures in Jackson Hole! I checked the internet before I left and took 2 pairs of cords plus a couple summer slacks. It would have been better to take all summer clothes but you never know. The temps were in the 70s and I was in heaven. On Thursday, Denise cooked all day as they had promised to "cook" for Nicole's team with parents for Saturday night. She made 5 pans of lasagna, meatballs and gravy along with dozens of Brownies. I helped some but not much. We left Jackson early on Friday and drove 5 hours to Laramie. Now the altitude in JH is 6100 and I usually have trouble breathing but in Laramie, it was 7100 so of course, I had nose bleeds. I'm sure I could never live out there. We stayed with Nicole in her 1-bedroom apartment sleeping every which way. They lost their game on Friday but won on Sunday. About 60 people attended the dinner and it was a big hit. We gave the left-overs to the team as didn't want to cart it back again. Ellie's Birthday was on Friday and as she and Brooke didn't come with us, we celebrated it on Monday evening. Brooke was playing Powder Puff football at school and tore her ACL as well. She will have surgery in a week or so. Now, both of them have knee braces. We ate out some and also at home. I got home on Wednesday afternoon and am just getting back to the swing of things.It seems to take me longer each time. The old broad is slowing down, I guess. I have a lot of pictures and have to upload them to here (if I remember how....LOL). I guess Bonnie told you that she called me and left a message that she received the Pac-n-Play. I called her back and she talked to Joe and Denise as well. Time for beddy-bye so will talk to you again.