Monday, February 13, 2012

Speaking of Movies...

We used to walk to the movies every Saturday afternoon. The theater at that time was across from the railroad crossing. On one side, was a Cleaners and the other, a Drugstore (pharmacy) with an ice cream parlor. The matinee started at one o'clock. For ten cents, you were rewarded with previews, a cartoon, a continuing serial and the main feature.

I was "in love" with the usher (oh yes, we had them). His name was Mario Martamona, a good Italian boy! :) The usher carried a flashlight and guided you to your seat if the show had already started.

On some Saturdays, the manager held Talent Shows at intermission. Intermission was usually before the main feature. Some of my friends would get up on the stage and sing, tap dance or whatever.

When Grandmom & Grandpop were first married, she would go to the movies on Tuesday night as they gave out dishes. I think Kathi has her set that she got there but will check with my sister.

One of the stories that Jeannette tells is she went on a date to the movies and the guy asked for two children's tickets. I think she was embarrassed. :)

On Mischief Night which is the night before Halloween, the teenagers in town would do all kinds of crazy things. One time, they put Berger's cow in the lobby. Usually, they just piled junk in front of the bank. But that's another story.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Watching Old Movies & Other Uninteresting Things

I love movies. Tonight, I saw the Clint Eastwood "Every Which Way but Lose" and laughed out loud. I had seen it before but enjoyed it again. TCM has some good oldies. It's interesting to see all of the men and women smoking away. Times have really changed.

On other matters, I had 4 teeth extracted on the bottom. They were lose and I was afraid I would be out at dinner and would lose them. So, bit the bullet and had them taken out. Interesting enough, the dentist took my bottom partial about 2 weeks ago, sent it to a lab in Florida to add teeth to it. When it came back, she extracted mine and put the new plate right in. Says the pressure of the partial keeps the swelling down and less loss of blood.

Yesterday, I received a ticket from Stratford Police. They have installed a photo-taking traffic light. It seems I crossed an intersection on the amber light but it turned red before I got to the other side. They sent me a picture of my car with license showing. Boo Hoo! Cost me $85.00. I will avoid that intersection now. It's a very busy area. I bet the town of Stratford is raking in the dough! It's the first ticket I've received in twenty years!

We're supposed to see snow tonight & get a lot colder. Hate it! Guess I'll sign off for tonight.