Saturday, December 26, 2009


I think I'll go in the Chocolate business! I have oodles of Brownies, Fudge, Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate mints and Peppermint Bark! I gave some to my neighbors who oohed and aahed to me but wondered what in the heck they're going to do with it after I left. I probably lost some neighbors over it except for the bachelor on the corner who fairly drooled when I presented it to him.

Like how much can you eat? Unfortunately on Christmas Eve, I had a good dose of heartburn so now I look at chocolates with a jaundice eye.

Chocolate goes good with wine, cookies (I have oodles of those also)and crackers.
Chocolate mints taste good in coffee also. I tried it. Yum!

Is there anyone out there would like some? How about you?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Holiday Festivities

#1 - Draw up a list of expectations/jobs for each day.
#2 - Pick up 2 things in the kitchen and move them to the bedroom, the bed is a good place.
#3 - Play a game on the computer.
#4 - Start to decorate the tree. The kitchen is forgotten for now.
#5 - As the belt has snapped on the vacuum cleaner, a big hope that the guests won't notice that the rug is dirty.
#6 - Bake a cake. However, the butter needs to soften so read a book for awhile.
#7 - Move some more things to the bedroom as well as the clothes from the dryer.
#8 - Time to eat lunch.
#9 - Telephone a friend. Now bake the cake and hope it doesn't fall.
#10 - Finish cleaning the kitchen.
#11 - Read mail and open Christmas cards. Call family.
#12 - Read emails.
#13 - Check the list and see if you can cross off anything!
#14 - Clean off bed so you can get into it.

Etc, Etc., Etc.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We're up to eight inches, the first blizzard of the season! I did some more Christmas decorationings but hate it when I can't go out. I'm feeling so trapped so got on the telephone. Called Patty and she is baking cookies. Bill is working in Vineland with ten inches snow there. Hope he decides to stay there overnight but you know these men like "what's a little snow?" and of course, is coming home. Talked to Kristinn and she is also making cookies - maybe this is a hint for me. She said Gabe was collecting ice cycles and getting her to put them in a baggie in the freezer. How cool is that?

Finally saw the Blind Side on Thursday night. It was good! Sandra Bullock does a good job. The book had some other stuff in it not in the movie. Last night, went out for dinner with friends and to another movie called "About the Morgans" or something like that. Not much depth but some funny parts. It's either feast or famine for me.....a lot to do or nothing.

Tomorrow, I will bake!