Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barbara, Bill & I in GreensboroPosted by Picasa

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This is the storm damage to my house from the summer of 2009.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1968 - McGuire AFB - 2nd Time Around

When you finish your stay overseas, you are given a choice for your next base and naturally, we wanted to come back home. However,Verne and Joan Wells and family had orders first. As they flew into McGuire, your grandparents picked them up and they stayed a couple of days in Laurel Springs. There's a couple of pictures floating around somewhere.

Another thing that you may not recall is that Edna Brown walked Pepper to Frankfurt airport and sent him home in a dog crate. Do you remember the path that led from Gateway Gardens to the airport? And of course, we remember how Pepper arrived with all the wood in his gums, trying to get out of the crate. Poor thing! I remember Dad and Grandpop pulling the slivers out. Pepper must have been scared to death.

We soon moved to Falcon Courts North and I know that you remember all of our neighbors! Jim & Ruth Maloney next door had seven kids or did I lose one? We used to play pinochle with them. Jim used to get upset because Ruth & I would chatter all through the game and we would still win. In 1970, she and I worked on the census. I think we were paid about $1600 which came in handy. I also volunteered for the Red Cross. Our job was to visit at Walston Army Hospital and get the patients interested in playing board games or read to them. Then, there was Girl Scouts. Taking the troop to Camp Ockinicken in Medford, we stayed in one of the cabins. It was in March and during the ellipse of the moon and you were all so excited!

During Air Force Day, the Rice's would congregate at our place and go on base to see the planes, demonstrations, etc. One of these times, Uncle Kirby gave Dad a cat that we named Frisky. Dad never cared for cats period but he loved this one. Frisky was a good "watch" cat too. He prevented a catastrophe when Dad fell asleep on the couch with a cigarette in his hand. Frisky came upstairs and woke me up by walking on my face and meowing.

Joey had a newspaper route and he used to throw the papers out of the back of the station wagon. Somehow, I always got involved even though it was his job. I don't think it lasted too long. Do you remember horseback riding with scouts at that farm in the back of housing? We have lots of memories about McGuire, don't we? You had the Teen Club and who was that guy over at the chapel you called Lord? Waiting to hear your memories!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Again!

Just read every one's blog so will be sure to comment later on. I came home to 103 emails, most of them junk.

Barb and I flew down to Unc Bill's on Wednesday. We had perfect weather and even US Air (swear) gave us little to gripe about. Donna set me up with her gay guy, Dale to cut and style my hair so I left as an old bag and came home as a warm (hot) woman! Does feel good to have someone fuss over you, doesn't it? We stayed in Greensboro until Friday and then, took off for the house on Lake Norman which is an hour and a half away near Statesville. Their house at the lake is so comfortable - has only 2 bedrooms but is roomy enough. We took a boat ride, tooled around in the golf cart, drank lots of wine, Susan! On Saturday, drove over to another friend's house in the cart with Donna carrying Bill's martini and her wine and Barbara and I in the back with more of the same sloshing all the way. My brother just roars along. Friends are from N.Y. and she is a former teacher.

There's a house right next door that shaped like a barrel and Powell Seymour (Bill's former partner) owns it. As they were in residence, I asked to see the inside. It's really neat. Consists of 3 floors, each with its own balcony. It has a circular stairway throughout that wouldn't be for me but I liked the concept.

Sunday, Barb and I tried out the jet ski and I didn't even fall off! Of course, I was behind my brother so that helped. Donna fished all day and didn't catch a thing. We did a lot of reading which is sheer pleasure for me. Anyway, I'm home until the end of the month and then, will be going out to Jackson for some of Nicole's games.