Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daddy - Part 2

I really don't want to repeat other stories about Daddy. Did I ever tell you about Mom waking us up around two in the morning to welcome him home from work? Naturally, it was his Birthday. We would all sit at the bottom of the stairs real quiet until we heard his key in the door and shout "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" Then, we would go out in the kitchen, eat ice cream & cake - a real treat in the middle of the night! On Satudays, he gave us each a nickel and we ran to the candy store to spend it. You could buy all sorts of penny candy. Some were 10 for a penny and my sisters and I would try to see which of us could get the most for 5 cents. As we didn't have a car, we took a walk on the weekend. No plastic then so our sandwiches were wrapped in brown paper or napkins, cold water in glass bottles. Mom had a favorite place in the woods by Laurel Lake so we would go there often. A kid's dream to run up and down the hills discovering all kinds of treasures to show and afterwards, Daddy got to take a nap before we walked home again. One Christmas, Adeline and I got bicycles and then, we were in 7th heaven so we could ride our bikes to school. In 1948-49, Daddy was laid off from his job at the shipyard. My Uncle Roy got him a temporary job at Clementon Park for the summer. We loved it of course. He "ran" the Minature Golf course so all my friends from school would greet him as "Dad" and get in free! After summer, he got a job in Philadephia at an upholstery house where he remained until he retired. Do you remember Grandpop and his ghost stories? He told all his kids and grandkids about "Mary" who lived in the attic. For years, we were afraid to go up there and never alone. :) Remember his funny hats? On his Birthdays, one of the grandkids would give him a funny hat to wear. He had Mouse hats & Pig hats. And how about the laughing Irishman in the kitchen? And, don't forget his tomatoes and all his plantings! So, winding down at last. Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daddy - Part 1

We always called him Daddy - as children and grownups. I tried to change it to just plain Dad but it never fit. As you all know, his name was William John Pratt. He was the youngest of three and the least favored, I think. Probably because of his disability. Yet, unlike his brother, Roy, he left the family home to live alone with his own family - then, Mom, Adeline & me. His mother never quite forgave him for that. We visited her occasionally and altho' she was always sweet to us, it was more of an obligation than anything else. As Daddy didn't have a car, we took the bus to Clementon and then, walked a couple miles to their house. My Uncle Roy did have a car but rarely gave us a ride home. I can still remember that walk and how tired I was. Jeannette, being the youngest at that time, got to ride in a wagon. Daddy & Mom would entertain us with conversation that made the trip go faster. Adeline who hated visiting family, grumbled the whole way. :) Our first home was in Hi Nella on Pocahontas Avenue. Daddy worked at the Wilson Line in Philadelphia. The Wilson Line was a Cruise Ship operation and Daddy was a clerk there. I think I told you before that he took Short Hand & Typing in high school. In the "olden days", men had this sort of job. Dad took the trolley car to work and often carried bits and pieces of lumber home to make things for us. He loved to work with his hands and that included painting. He made bookcases for us, little furniture for our dolls, etc. As money was scarce, it helped a lot and we never felt poor. From my earliest memories, he was always around to help, to read to us and just talk with us. He was a great father! He wasn't strict but we knew what we could get away with,etc. Mom was more so and sometimes, would egg him on punish us. "Wait till your father gets home" became her mantra. :) We never had a lot of money growing up. During WW11, he grew vegetables in the back yard. He called it his Victory Garden. My Uncle Frank had one as well and would bring over tomatoes and squash to supplement. I hated aquash but Mom did a good job cooking it different ways. I'm going to finish this later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Late Night Snacks & Ramblings

Tonight I had grapes & pretzels. Last night, I finished off the ice cream. Maybe, this is why I sleep so good! :-) Well, since February, I've been presented with a new baby boy & a high school graduation down San Antonio way. That's #15 Greats & #12 high school celebrations. Only four more graduations to go! When you get my age, moving is very important. As I have slowed down in the activity department, I create jobs for myself. Today, I took my loose change jar to the bank and came home with an extra $75. I also had trouble with some of my meds so the Doc gave me some samples until I get straightened out. No worry! I thought about the Afghan I started 3 years ago. I hope I finish it one day. At least, I'm thinking about it which is a good sign. It's like a job that you keep putting off. I had a heck of a time signing in on my blog. Guess they put you in archives after so long. So, the question of the night: what are your favorite snacks?