Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Sleepless Night

It's only 2:30 in the morning so I guess I could get in a good night's sleep if I was so inclined, hmmm? My mind is whirling with coming events. Next Tuesday along with my sister & husband, are traveling down to my brother's house in N.C. He made it special for us by sending us a "ride". Then, there's all the "remembers" i.e. stop the mail, the paper, call the mechanic to service the car while away, etc. We'll be arriving home again on the 24th with my #1 daughter arriving on the 26th to plan our adventure in New York City and beyond. #2 daughter is arriving a couple of days later. Another reminder is to pick up a trip plan from AAA. Will I ever complete all this? Tomorrow, I've invited an incredibly nice man for lunch & we will catch up on the goings on in our lives. Yesterday found me in the closet pulling out old picture albums. As I was at the Community Lunch today, wanted to take old pictures of friends in our younger days & it was a blast! I gave them away, of course. I find it interesting that I can't remember last names of friends of long ago. Why didn't I put her/his name there? Guess I thought I would remember. Ha! My sister-inlaw, Mary came in for the lunch. She so enjoys herself & is everyone's friend. I think that living so far away must be lonely for her. Oh, girlies! All of my tests came back negative for cancer. So hopefully, I'm home free as they say. Well, guess I'll hang it up for this time. Jane, remind me to give you a Brownie pan. I have two. Then you can make perfect Brownies too!