Sunday, May 23, 2010

Those Miserable Squirrels!

I used to laugh at my sister who is always trapping squirrels in her yard. She releases them in the woods about three miles away. Now, I counted six this morning who were jumping into my bird feeder and stuffing their faces. I put up a make-shift shield where they jump from the tree; they knocked it down. I clipped clothes pins around the perimeter and they still get through. I even greased the pole so they've found another way. Finally, I've gathered stones to throw at them. I just have to learn to throw accurately. When they see me open the door, they scatter and shout obscenities at me in squirrel talk. Oh my! Any suggestions?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bathrooms & Birds

Everyone has some kind of routine in the morning. I write things down and sometimes, get to cross off completed tasks. My list is as follows: Replace light bulb on deck, clean bathrooms, check in at Victoria's Secret. But first, had to have my coffee & cheerios while reading the paper. My table faces the yard and of course, spent some time watching & identifying the birds in the feeder. Today, along with the usual Robin, Cardinal and House Finch, saw a Scarlet Tanager. I had to get out my book to make sure. It was so pretty with this brilliant red body with black wings. I was thrilled. My neighbor gets the Goldfinch but I haven't seen it yet. Yesterday, I went out and bought some binoculars so now am a certified birder. Anyway, I didn't start cleaning the bathrooms until eleven or so.

Why do I have to check VS? No, no, I am not looking for something sexy! They have a spray cologne/perfume in a tube a little larger than lipstick that you can put in your purse so was thinking of a gift. I never did get there. Will put it on my list for tomorrow - when it comes!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sugar Gliders & Softball

Monday night, went over to Bill's for dinner and then, we all took off for Abby's Softball game. She played short-stop and does a good job. She was pitching last year but gave it up for the infield position. All of the kids play and I try to attend as many games as I can. Even Billy plays T-ball and your brother is one of the coaches on Abby's team. It's a kid-friendly game with all of the kids getting to play. Then, there's the parents who all seem nice as well.

One of the Dads had a fur-lined purse carrying 2 sugar-gliders; tiny little furry creatures with pouches said to be from the Kangaroo family. They have medium length tails, webbie bodies and striped heads/faces. He said his wife brought them back from Florida. Did you ever hear of them, Kathi? They probably have another name but that's what he told me. So even at softball games, you learn something new.