Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Mantle Clock

While we lived in Germany in the 60s, we brought all sorts of things back to the states. I remember a "live" hairpiece that the girls in the salon could weave into your hair. The 60s brought "teased" hair so that it was high on your head and the hairpiece added to the height. We had Hummel figurines, china and crystal home parties. And, of course, bought some. There was a German woman who would sell us Hummels for 3-5 dollars. In Germany, they were not a collectible item like here. Another popular item was the clock: Coo Coo, Grandfather & Mantle clocks. The Mantle clock I bought was very old and worked after a fashion. It has Westminster Chimes which added to it. However, after returning home, it became unreliable. It spent a couple years at various clock shops to no avail and on returning home, became just a thing sitting on the shelf. Today, I resurrected it and placed it on the bookcase in the hall. Lo & behold, it started ticking away. I don't think the chimes work anymore but it does my heart good to see it running again.