Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Time

Today, I made Blueberry Muffins but they were terrible! I used the basic muffin recipe with fresh Blues and they were too heavy for the mixture. So gave them to the birds! I always use them with Cobbler and they turn out fine. Guess I better stick to that and Brownies. I found Brownie tins at Boscov's and they had "separaters" in the pans. Great! Now, won't have any trouble cutting them. We're still getting lots of hot weather. Makes one feel like hibernating. I got my hair cut today and the gray is coming in big time. I look so washed out with gray hair & usually cover it. I went to a new stylist today (a recommendation from a friend) and came home with "highlights". The gray is there also so we'll see what'll happen. Can you imagine that I should be stressed about that? After all, I'm not 39 anymore. I'm not??? Keep forgetting to get my rocking chair rocking.....! Golly, just looked at the clock & it's 4:26 a.m. Time to get up! Wish I didn't mess up my bed as I have to make it again. Tonight is one of my rare sleepless nights so what better use to communicate by blogging. Good night & good morning!