Saturday, November 17, 2012


While grocery shopping early this morning, my cell phone rings. It's my neighbor next door asking me if I have "power" as his went out. I told him that mine was on earlier but would see when I came home. Shopping early meant no breakfast/coffee. To my despair, the electricity was definitely out. No coffee, no lights, computer, TV, etc. Interesting how much we depend on all these perks. I thought of all those folks north of me who haven't had power for over two weeks & here I am griping because the utility company didn't come right away. By the way, I ate an apple!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Around & About with Sandy, the superstorm!

We were warned. We watched the weather station all day. We packed a bag for three days. We checked for flashlight batteries, bottled water & I added wine! It was a very nerve-wracking time. My stomach was in knots & I actually thought I would have a heart attack. I tried talking to myself, took deep breaths but nothing seemed to help. Bill picked me up on Sunday evening as the hurricane was supposed to pounce on the coast at 4 p.m. on Monday. Up to that time, we were cautioned about strong winds and rain. As their house is higher in elevation with underground cables, it was the better place to be. Bill put a train platform against the large window & taped the other windows. We watched televison & hunkered down. Patty was well prepared with nine loaves of bread, endless bottles of water & lots of comfort food. Sunday night, I slept downstairs (my choice) & Monday night, everyone else joined me. We did have some strong winds that rattled the windows, knocked down their gas grill & that's all. I called my neighor & he informed me that we still had power with no flooding. How wonderful is that? When Sandy touched down, she immediately took another left turn & missed us all together. Unfortunately, as she traveled north, devastation followed. You have probably heard of all the flooding & power outages. Some are still without power. It was a horrible experience & I almost feel guilty that I came through okay. As the kids missed Halloween, Gov. Christy ordered this coming Monday as another day for Trick/Treating. Bill says he gonna give out water bottles & bread & eat all the candy!