Monday, March 30, 2009

Tired Old Ass!

I have always like showers vs. baths but I discovered a product I love and aptly named "Tired Old Ass" Bath Soak. So when I wake up all achy and stiff, I head for the bathtub for my TOA soak. It positively rejuvenates me. It's made up of a blend of salts high in iron along with oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.

My discovery took place in Vermont at the Country Store so I checked the label and now buy it direct from the manufacture and it's less expensive. So if you're run down from too much mental stress and/or physical activity, get yourself some Tired Old Ass! You'll be glad you did. Check out:

I sound like an advertisement! LOL!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to the Story...

When Kathy was almost 2 yrs. old, we moved to the 2nd floor apartment in Westmont. Dad started moonlighting - getting a second job bar-tending at a club in Lindenwold. So he would work at the base during the week and on Friday and Saturday nights, work at the club. The problem was that all of his old friends were not married yet and wanted him to go out after work. That went over like a lead balloon, believe me! In all fairness though, he was so bushed after working as well as driving to the base, that he made a good case for himself and got out of it mostly. At least, that's what was told to me. I could kill his so called friends. Sometime, I would go out and sit at the bar until he got off. We got to know the owners well (their last name was Papp) and periodically, I worked in the coat room for tips. We usually asked Mary Jane to babysit the two of you.

Kathy, you used to crawl on your stomach like a commando. Your sister, Jane never crawled at all. She started standing at 8 months and walking at 9 months. We used to watch you, Jane walk right under the table without hitting your head. It took your sister only 12 months to walk. You both stayed in cribs until almost 3 yrs when I decided you needed a bed to sleep in. We found a second-hand one that was advertised in the paper so bought that as well as a small rocking chair for $25. Grandmom went with me to look at the stuff. A lady was moving to an apartment and didn't have room for all her things. I think Grandmom paid just $2.50 for the rocker.

During this time, Grandmom came down with cancer in her thyroid gland.
She was only 58 years old and we were really worried. I was also pregnant and nearing my time when we found out. Grandpop told us as G'mom didn't want to worry us. She went through surgery and recovered in time but it was our first scare with anything like that. As the Military Champus program had just started that allowed babies to be born at civilian hospitals, Joe was born at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital on the outskirts of Camden. He cost us a big 25 dollars so was more expensive than both of you. He was also born with a right club foot and when only 2 days old, had a cast put on from his knee to his toes. Every Monday, I had to take him to the doctor who removed the cast, exercised his leg and put another on. If you remember, Grandpop also had a club foot. I wasn't too worried as Grandpop's foot turned out okay. When he was 6 months old, we were transferred to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Life as it is!

Retiremennt isn't all that it's cracked up to be - yet we all desire it. You gotta have a plan or schedule. You just can't afford to let your life drift slowly by when the highlights of the day are eating, errands and TV.

I have a list. Sometimes, I can't read my writing as I jot down things whenever the idea hits me. Then I spend another 20 minutes trying to decipher my words.

Procrastination is another part of retirement. No deadlines now and you know you'll get it done sometime. So all of you who are still out there working your butts off, remember to have a PLAN for that day when you can stay home, read lots of wonderful books, eat, exercise once in a while, watch TV and make lists!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tribute to my Sister, Addie!

Today, in the mail, I received a small book from my sister's friend, Margaret White. Margaret was Addie's dear friend from their teaching days. The dedication of the book was to my sister. I was in tears reading the inscription.

We never called her Addie, it was always Adeline. She was my older sibling with 17 months between us. Growing up, she was always the Boss and demanding that Jeannette and I do as she wanted. She was the boldest of us and the most adventuresome doing things we only thought about e.g. sleeping on the roof, hiding from relatives, etc. She could tell a good story and we were enthralled by her descriptions. She could take a single sentence and make it the most interesting thing we ever heard. Looking back I think she must have gotten this gift from Dad who was a fascinating story teller as well. Like the rest of us, she loved to read and always had a book close by. Her temper got her into trouble, mainly with Mom. We argued and fought like all kids have done forever. One time while we were doing dishes, she threw the coffee pot at me. I ducked and it went through the china closet breaking the glass. I got in trouble for ducking! However, when our brother Bill arrived, she was 14 and took care of him when Mom was working and was a good substitute mother.

In high school, she played Guard on the Girls Basketball Team. After high school, she went on to Trenton State College and became a teacher. Her degree was in Physical Education, probably called something else now. Being athletic, she played Lacrosse, Soccer and Field Hockey and played on many club teams in New Jersey.
After teaching locally for 2 years, she applied for a position in Bremerton, Washington. Our parents were devastated that she was moving so far away. (I had already married and was living in Louisiana). While there, she met her future husband Bob Hause, a fellow teacher. She married at home the following June and relocated back to Port Angeles,WA.

Addie and Bob have one son, Rob who now lives in Seattle, She taught Phys Ed for a number of years then English. Sometime during teaching, she went back to school earning her Masters degree in Psychology. Addie and Bob had many friends in their area. I talked with her periodically but didn't see her very often so we never developed a close relationship which I regret. In 1993, Addie died of cancer; she was only 64 years old.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to NJ and Another Baby on the Way

In early February, the Red Cross got in touch with us that Joe's Dad had died so they sent us home. I never knew my father-in-law well. I met him when we were engaged and at our wedding. He was 55 when your father was born. We were scheduled to return to the states in June anyway so just came sooner. On arriving, we stayed with Grandmom and Grandpop until we found a place of our own. Joe was stationed at McGuire AFB. Shortly after, I found out that I was pregnant with number two, Kathleen Anne - another favorite name. I was surprised as I still nursed Jane. At that time, we were told that you couldn't get pregnant if you were nursing. Wrong! We rented a house in Browns Mills for about three months to be closer to the base. Then we moved to an apartment in Laurel Springs and finally to an apartment in Westmont where we stayed until we were transferred again. In Westmont, we met Bill and Floss Knapp with their children Billy and Donna who lived across the street. But I am getting ahead of myself.

We had gone out with Uncle Kirby and Aunt Em when I started having cramps. At this time, we lived in Laurel Sprimgs. Uncle Kirby was kidding me saying things like "This is it, you're gonna have the baby today," etc. Dad and I came home and later went to the movies to see some film with John Wayne. When we got home, I was in a pretty lot of pain so took Jane over to Grandmom's house and started for the base that was 27 miles away. Dad was so nervous and kept asking me about the intervals between pains so lied to reassure him. Needless to say, your delivery came in four hours so cut Jane's time in half. I stayed in Ft. Dix hospital just two days and came home. Two babies in diapers! What fun! You were a serene baby though and always smiling. You only had fuzz on your head and I used to tape bows on your head to show that you were a girl.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aspiration vs. Inspiration

Can you aspire before being inspired? Can you have one without the other? That is Wednesday's question. Give me your happy thoughts!