Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Looking back .... 2013!

It has been a wonderful & crazy year. Had lots of family visits: Joe & Denise in June & December along with Jane & Rich in October. Kathi joined me in July for a mini-family trip to Mohonk, New York: My brother Bill with my sister-in-law, Donna; Jeannette & Tom and cousins, Mike & Sandy. We had 5 days of spa pampering, food, buggy rides, etc. compliments of my brother. Jane & Rich came in for a couple weeks in the second week of October. As I was hosting my Red Hats group that month, Rich provided a delicious lunch for us & three months later, the ladies are still talking about it. Then, the three of us took off for the Food & Wine fest in New York and on to Hudson, N.Y. for a couple of days. Jane has written all about that trip in her blog. Late last year, I was having "balance issues" so my doctor sent me to Physical Therapy for core strengthening and although it helped somewhat, it didn't resolve it completely. I realize it is a mental issue. I am afraid of falling so whenever I have to walk on a slick surface, I freeze. In November of this year, I hired a Personal Trainer. I searched the internet. Came across a site called "Thumbtack." I put my age down as 65+ & the site insisted I put down my real age. I almost died & was sure no one would want to train an 82 year old woman. Interesting enough, six trainers popped up. I eliminated three for various reasons; too far, too pricey & interviewed the others. There was one who lived fairly close by & I was tempted so told him, I would get back to him after my last interview. And, of course, the last one was the ticket. He showed me immediately how to stand & I was impressed. He also came with a Masters in Exercise Physiology & call me a snob but I liked that as well. I see him twice a week, he put me on a diet & I've lost 4 lbs. & feel GREAT. My walking is better, my mentality is changing & I am getting stronger. Other than that, it's Christmas day! I had Bill's family here last night for the Santa Claus visit. We pigged out (I had 1 piece)of pizza & cookies (I had two), opened presents, played Dominoes & then, everyone went home. Must tell you that Bill mentioned at (work) attending to a patient with walking issues & he told the family to hire a personal trainer like his mom did. :) Happy New Year!


Suzassippi said...

Merry Christmas, Betty! How great the personal trainer is helping and you can see progress! I begin "pre-hab" when I get home, to prepare for the hip replacement, and diet and exercise are part of it, plus my PT strengthening exercises. I will use you for my role model!

Having a quiet Christmas Day here in Texas, and hope to see your daughter briefly Friday if possible. I hope you have a wonderful new year, and that my travels (post new hip) send me northeast so I can say hi!

Betty said...

Oh, nice to hear from you. Hope you have a wonderful holiday too! I WILL look forward to seeing you post new hip!

Kathi said...

I missed this one! The trip to Mohonk holds such great memories. Every time I think about it, the phrase, "Sumting wong," comes to mind!